My First Blog!

A Little About Me

Welcome to my first blog post! I wanted to start a blog to document my life as I go from a graduated bachelor’s student to a graduate student at a prestigious university. I recently graduated from Walsh University (Yay!). Now I am pursuing a master’s degree at the Carnegie Mellon University of Heinz College (Bigger yay!). I am studying information security and policy management. I grew up in a rural part of Ohio. Dirt roads, tractors, and the smell of manure on a hot summer day are not entirely unfamiliar to me. Some of the best memories that I garnered from living there still reside with me today. My rural development gave me the values and ethics that drove me to higher education beyond a bachelor’s degree. However, I no longer “live” in the rural area of Ohio. I put live in quotations because I live in Pittsburgh now but frequently travel back home to visit friends and family. My big decision to move to Pittsburgh and pursue high education stems from the knowledge I gained in my bachelor’s studies. I studied computer science, more specifically, networking. Networking concentrates on the communication between devices. My master’s degree is focusing on information security and policy management. I hope you follow me on my journey as I progress through my graduate program. I will face many hardships, learning experiences, and stories that I plan to share on this platform.

Goals and Aspirations

My goals and aspirations are to establish healthy habits that foster the opportunity for strong personal, familial, and friend growth to make people’s lives better than they were yesterday. I continually look elsewhere for inspiration and motivation to achieve some of the problematic goals I set for myself. For instance, a challenging goal that I set up for myself is to complete graduate school. This graduate program has an on average 40 to 50-hour educational week. Meaning that the man-hours needed to complete all readings, assignments, studying, and lectures have an academic admixture of a full-time work week. This program will be no easy task, but I know I am up for the job. Also, I like solving multi-leveled problems and taking on hard challenges. Therefore, I aim to develop a keen sense of problem-solving and academic skills.\

Intentions of the Blog

I am starting to write blogs to keep myself accountable by organizing my thoughts, beliefs, and values in a manner that is representative of my beliefs. I want to provide a transparent platform where the audience can engage in the exchanging of ideas, provide feedback, and learning something new. I aim to post new blogs at a minimum of every month. However, I could have the opportunity to post more often at any given month. Furthermore, I plan to develop my blogs and introduce more exciting concepts as I get more comfortable with blogging.


I do not want to convey that I am an expert in anything that I discuss in these blogs. I will attempt to explain, in the best way I can, the trials and tribulations i faced and how I learned from them. Additionally, I will make mistakes that I will fix. Therefore, if I am making myself accountable for the content, I can reflect and introspect on the topics in the case that I misrepresented an individual, idea, fact or organization.

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