Life at Heinz College

Life here at Heinz is excellent in that it is very challenging and rewarding to be apart of Carnegie Mellon. The curriculum is very rigorous and demanding both in terms of knowledge and effort. The knowledge that you come in with before starting is beneficial going forward. For example, if you come from many years of work experience, then using the technical, business, and/or other knowledge is very beneficial to the experience. Alternatively, the same could be said for coming straight from undergraduate studies to graduate studies; your prior experience determines the amount of effort needed to perform necessary homework, exam, and labs in the semester.

Heinz College is so rewarding because there are many ways to relax and meet people. Heinz has event nearly every day of which has great guest speakers from companies that are seeking potential employees. In a nutshell, GREAT NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES. Also, completed a hard day’s work on homework, exams, or whatever else Heinz throws at you has some worth behind it. You can finally relax, knowing that you’ve accomplished a lot and that it is an exceptional effort you put forth.

In short, come to Heinz College if you want rewarding work that is both difficult and challenging. Note that the work is not so complicated that it is nearly impossible to close. But, the professors will stretch and pull you intellectually to become a better overall performer in the workforce in the future.

Check out my other blogs discussing how to get into Heinz College or writing a good statement of purpose. Thanks for reading! Hope you come back soon!

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