What is it like at Black Hat Europe?

For those unfamiliar with Black Hat, let me fill you in. Black Hat is an internationally known information security conference that showcases various businesses, researchers, and other event-driven security concepts and demonstrations to attendees. Organizations such as IBM, Facebook, Crowdstrike, and many more were present at the conference, all of which talked about the company and showcased an information security demonstration. Now that you are all caught up, I will divulge into the experience.

I ran into a snafu when flying from the United States to London City Airport. In short, I showed up late for the first day, so I missed some demonstrations, corporate face time, etc.… However, I did get to experience London, more on that in a different blog. My attendance was based on a student scholarship program that gave me a free two-day pass, on December 4th and December 5th, where I had to pay for housing and the flight. The venue was big and had many small to large company booths around the site of which you could walk right up to the booth, and someone would great you. The interactions with everyone at the conference were delightful, and I feel as though I learned a lot. Many companies showcased technology they have developed, and others showcased an exploit on a device. There was no standard; everyone was doing their own thing. Organizations ranging from SIEMs, penetration testing, incident response, honeypots, and secure browsing were presenting, and those interested in the technology got to see it firsthand. Besides meeting each company and individuals working for the company, the company booths gave out a lot of free stuff, like A LOT OF FREE STUFF.

I got pens, a bookbag, notebooks, pamphlets, information books, hacking books, shirts, desk decorations, and not to mentions there was a Black Hat store that you could buy so much more merch. Each booth that you attend people will toss merch your way. For example, JacobsCyber was giving away light up Minecraft swords. It had nothing to do with security, but everyone was trying to get a sword before they ran out, so they were doing something right. For those interested in information security, cybersecurity, and penetration testing, I highly recommend that you check out the conference or better yet attend a conference.

At one point, I was tired of going to the booth after booth, so I attended one of the many presentations available. I attend a presentation involving the network administrators for Black Hat. They talked about what they see, in terms of network traffic, and the level encryption seen on the network. Multiple presentations were going on at the same time, in different areas, of course, so take your pick as to which one interests you the most. The conference was very cool! I am excited to attend another Black Hat conference where available. Next time I am aiming for the goliath…Black Hat USA. Black Hat Europe averages around 2,000 attendees, whereas, Black Hat USA averages around 20,000.

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