Summer Internship!

Grad school has been keeping busy, very busy. However, that is not the primary purpose of this blog. I recently accepted an internship at a global intelligence company in colorado that has partnered with NASA. I am super excited to work for this company because I will be working in the cybersecurity sector while working for a space-faring organization.

Also, Colorado is a fantastic state that has some of the most beautiful scenery and mountains that I couldn’t resist. Back to the position. The internship will involve me working as a cloud security intern for the company’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud service, of which I will need to perform various functions. I am being ambiguous because I do not entirely know what I will be doing. The cloud team is a brand new team that is set to build the infrastructure and secure their critical data, and that where I come in. I will be writing scripts, compliance checks, and other functions associated with AWS.

I am super excited by the opportunity and some traveling away from Pittsburgh. Hope you enjoyed! See ya around!

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