Summer Internship Update

My summer internship is a cloud security based internship where I will be developing solutions within the cloud that are easily consumed within the organization’s architecture. I am very excited to start! The best part about the internship is that it blends my undergraduate studies and graduate studies into a well-organized experience. I have studied networking and cybersecurity in undergrad and cybersecurity and business in graduate school. Now, I have the opportunity to blend all of those skills into Amazon Web Services.
However, one of the most significant changes to the internship is that I was initially going to move to the west coast for about three months. But, with the new situation of COVD-19, I will remain on the east coast for the duration of the internship. This is not ideal, but it is for the best. I am still grateful for the opportunity and can’t wait to start! For those interested in computer networking, cybersecurity, or cloud-based solutions, look into getting a degree or certifications to meet your goals and aspirations. Thanks for reading! Stay healthy!

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